I am in LOVE

…with Groot! 

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? If not, get thee to a movie theater! Quick! Not only is the plot/dialogue/casting amazing, but the music and dancing throughout the film is quality. I had to share this lil’ gem of baby Groot dancing. There’s something about people dancing with no shame and utter abandonment that delights the soul!


3 thoughts on “I am in LOVE

  1. This cute little segment makes me really curious to see the whole movie!
    Hope you get to dance this weekend at the wedding!

  2. That was DE-lightful! Seriously, I had a silly smile slapped on my face the entire time. What a precious lil plant…and you’re right: it’s so refreshing to the soul to watch someone (or something) dance with reckless surrender. Even cooler if it’s in a rainstorm…. (Wink.)

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