Christmas Cheer

Christina Bianco brings you some Christmas cheer. She’s spot on with almost every impression. Liza Minelli might be my fave…or Idina…or Keira Knightly…ugh, don’t make me choose!

Thursday Morning Humor

I definitely have a unique sense of humor, as does my whole family. We love it when people get the giggle fits, and we’ve been known to get a raging giggle fit or two ourselves. We lose it especially over ridiculous things, or when it’s most inappropriate to laugh (while singing in church or during a serious … More Thursday Morning Humor

I Can’t Stop Watching This

This performance is the complete package! The song is one of my favorites, the lighting and costumes are spot on, the dancers are having so much fun, and the choreography…well, I can’t help but relish every movement. Of course, the #1 move is “The Carlton.” Enjoy!


It’s no secret I’ve always occupied a front row seat on the math strugglebus. In school, word problems on tests were often my worst enemy. This I can relate to: But in all seriousness, I truly appreciate how God creates people with different strengths and weaknesses. I am grateful for my non-math strengths, and I am grateful for those of you … More #MathStruggles


My boyfriend is, no doubt, a keeper. For one, he finds videos like this and sends them to me. Watch this for a smile and an “awwwwww.” P.S. There are countless other reasons why I think I’ll keep him too. 😉