Thursday Morning Humor

I definitely have a unique sense of humor, as does my whole family. We love it when people get the giggle fits, and we’ve been known to get a raging giggle fit or two ourselves. We lose it especially over ridiculous things, or when it’s most inappropriate to laugh (while singing in church or during a serious dinner discussion). I can totally envision me and my family, or me and my friend Abby, getting ourselves into a situation like this. Watch for a quick pick-me-up, and I dare you, try not to laugh…


It’s no secret I’ve always occupied a front row seat on the math strugglebus. In school, word problems on tests were often my worst enemy. This I can relate to:

math hilarious

But in all seriousness, I truly appreciate how God creates people with different strengths and weaknesses. I am grateful for my non-math strengths, and I am grateful for those of you out there who can slaughter word problems in their sleep. For those of you who can, I tip my hat to you!