My boyfriend is, no doubt, a keeper. For one, he finds videos like this and sends them to me. Watch this for a smile and an “awwwwww.” P.S. There are countless other reasons why I think I’ll keep him too. 😉  

Cuddly Lions to Make the Winterz Better

My county has officially issued a “DISASTER DECLARATION.” It’s a disaster here in Glenside, PA. Snowpocalypse, winterzilla, snowmageddon, polar vortexathon–call it what you will. Trees are down, roads are blocked, and most homes are out of power. Fortunately my power is back on, but earlier this week when I was power-less, I drove (slowly and … More Cuddly Lions to Make the Winterz Better

Thanksgiving Eve

How I feel after finishing my last paper of the semester… Looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow… Remembering I’ve got finals in one week (all three emotions combined)…