In the Words of Satan by the Arrows

This reminds me a bit of C.S. Lewis’s tack when he wrote “The Screwtape Letters.” I love the jazzy style of music here juxtaposed with the atrociousness of Satan’s twisted plans. I’m thankful for “the God in Heaven who loves us, who yearns for us, and who gives us the freedom of forgiveness and truth.”

Surprise Snow

Ransom and I should have checked the weather before driving to Buffalo this Friday. But our judgment was “clouded” (I’m my Father’s punny daughter) because we had to run pre-Christmas errands, and we were dazed by the opportunity for a work break. Plus, it had been 60 degrees less than 5 days prior. We never expected a snowstorm. Halfway there, … More Surprise Snow

4 Days!!!

From 42 to 4 days! Our wedding day is so close! Thank you, sweet God, for the gift of Ransom. As I walk down the aisle, even though I will be looking at my future husband with deep love in my heart, I plan to set my heart on the greater truth that we are the … More 4 Days!!!

42 Days!

“Marriage. The roots are deep. The covenant is solid. The love is sweet. Life is hard. And God is good.” -John Piper

Gandalf and Gollum In One

Wow, has it really been 2 months since my last post? I’ve got the best excuse ever…wedding planning! Here’s something to make you smile. If you have time on youtube, check out his impressions of Robin Williams in the video “Never Had a Friend Like Him.” He LITERALLY turns into Robin.

The Mystery of God’s Complete Rule and Man’s Real Choices

The Belgic Confession Article 13: The Doctrine of God’s Providence “We believe that this good God, after he created all things, did not abandon them to chance or fortune but leads and governs them according to his holy will, in such a way that nothing happens in this world without his orderly arrangement. Yet God … More The Mystery of God’s Complete Rule and Man’s Real Choices