Michael W. Smith Wins the Christmas Music Trophy

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, beloveds! Today is the first time I’ve ever heard this song and  I knew I had to share it with you. It has made me cry and it keeps making me cry. I feel like this song should simultaneously be belted in a musical, sung in a church, and cried out in a quiet room in a quiet house next to a well-worn Bible to an audience of One.

I pray you can take a moment today to stop, calm your heart, and enjoy “the wondrous child” who “knows your joy and feels your suffering.” Thank you Michael W. Smith and Michael McDonald!

8 thoughts on “Michael W. Smith Wins the Christmas Music Trophy

  1. Crying on this one…can we sing it together for Mor Mor? I posted on the HPC FB page, too! Thank so much for sharing.

    1. Any desire to write the piano music out for me?? And in a better key for my voice range?? The harmony is perfect for my voice, but the melody is too high. Haha, no pressure. Still would love to sing it as a Christmas solo/duet someday!

    1. It is more poignant now…thinking of her with this part: “that my way will not be lost from now on ’till that’s river crossed, my soul renewed and my spirit free, in You, I’ll find my peace, in You, I’ll find my peace.”

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