Live for the Giver

Various motivations, desires and goals: these things are good by Creation, perverted by Fallenness. They make good goods, but make bad gods. A common sense way of saying this is “Live for the Giver, and not the gifts.” The minute you live for the gifts, everything goes dark and becomes sour. If you live to have friends, … More Live for the Giver

Final PAPERS Due Tomorrow

When people ask me how the end of the semester is going Working on two big papers due tomorrow…it’s rough, ya know? Needing some paper affirmation right now Thanks Nacho! But actually what’s been most encouraging is this… To my fellow students…  

Is Theology A Big Scary Monster Under the Bed?

This weekend I went to a nearby church where Aimee Byrd was speaking, the author of Housewife Theologian. I haven’t read the book yet, however, I was intrigued after reading this affirming review. I keep thinking about what she said (that’s always a good sign that the Spirit is on the move), and so I thought I’d … More Is Theology A Big Scary Monster Under the Bed?

Thanksgiving Eve

How I feel after finishing my last paper of the semester… Looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow… Remembering I’ve got finals in one week (all three emotions combined)…