“Unpathed Waters and Undreamed Shores”

See what I did there?


9 thoughts on ““Unpathed Waters and Undreamed Shores”

  1. I hadn’t heard that Shakespeare quote before! So rich! That cat kiss is just too precious. And I absolutely love the expression on the boy’s face opening his gift…we’ve all been there before, haven’t we? And I must have that open-book headboard! (Though I might never sleep because I’d be up all night reading, ha ha.) Another fantasmagorical collection of images, Lisbeth. You always find such gems!

  2. The man and woman standing in the water looking out at the mountains…a bit haunting. Let’s think of a back story….

  3. Dearest Nizzy,
    I hate to disappoint, but that is NOT me with Kermit, you see! As much as I wish it were (since I had such a little crush on Kermit), I will say it must be someone likely more my sister’s age = ancient. 😉

    Love you and glad you were reminded of my cuteness as a little tyke. …what ever did happen?!


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