Our Bedraggled and Muddy Condition

This book is rocking my world right now. Thanks to my dear friend, Marilyn, for sending it “just because:”

“Poor Much-Afraid, who knew that she had been slipping and stumbling in the most dreadful way, indeed worse than at any other time, flushed painfully all over her face. She said nothing, only looked at [the Shepherd] almost reproachfully.

“Much-Afraid,” said he very gently in answer to that look, “don’t you know by now that I never think of you as you are now but as you will be when I have brought you to the Kingdom of Love and have washed you from all the stains and defilements of the journey? If I come along behind you and notice that you are finding the way especially difficult, and are suffering from slips and falls, it only makes me think of what you will be like when you are with me, leaping and skipping on the High Places.”

Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard

5 thoughts on “Our Bedraggled and Muddy Condition

  1. I’ve got to admit that I struggled with that book a few times…and then I discovered the children’s version. Wow! It did not trouble me much to stoop to such tactics as I feel like I have much in common with the older sister in Madeline L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle In Time.” Do you remember her? Although she was supposed to be older and wiser, she recited nursery rhymes to keep from being brainwashed in the future time that she traveled to to rescue her father. Sometimes simple is good and if you have someone to read it to, all the better! Thanks for posting Lisbeth!

    1. I never knew there was a children’s version! I might have to check that out, too, Nancy. Simple has been SO good for me this holiday season in particular. And thanks, Lisbeth, for reminding me of this amazing book. This passage you pulled gave me the chills (the good kind).

  2. Your Mor Mor loves this book. Maybe you could share parts of it with her when you visit…to bring it back to her memory. I didn’t know there was a children’s version either. What you shared is so encouraging, offering hope; it reminds me that our Shepherd is totally trustworthy.

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