I’m Not Usually A Promoter…

IMinieBook3t’s true I don’t often promote merchandise or books on my blog, but this is more than a book. This is about establishing a lifestyle of giving and service. My talented, humorous, articulate, and sweet sistah has published her first e-book, and it’s a must have! “Thinking Outside the Gift Box: 21 Money Saving and Meaningful Gift Ideas” by Lauren Lanker is perfectly timed for the holiday season–the season when you inevitably find yourself struggling in the gift-giving department. Beloveds, it’s worth your time to check it out. And if you haven’t traveled to her blog yet, feel free to take a little visit. You’ll be refreshed, blessed, and tickled pink at TheThinkingCloset.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Usually A Promoter…

  1. “Oh no you dit-un’t!” (Can you imagine in my sassiest voice with a finger shake?) You are too kind, too generous, too MUCH to dedicate an entire post on your beautiful blog to my eBook. Feeling so humbled and blush-faced and just plain ole thankful to have a sis who believes in my dreams even more than I do sometimes. I would have never made it on that stage to audition my heart out for Sarah Brown if it hadn’t been for you believing in me. And I feel the same way about this book. You are always in my corner…and that is a priceless gift I hope I never take for granted. Love you, sis.

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