Hymn Love- If Thou But Suffer God To Guide Thee!

God calls me to trust Him and lately I’ve been struggling to. #thestruggleisreal! But we sang this hymn at evening service tonight and the words have made my soul feel like this:

Beloveds, let us “be still and wait his pleasure.”


If you but trust in God to guide you
and place your confidence in him,
you’ll find him always there beside you
to give you hope and strength within;
for those who trust God’s changeless love
build on the rock that will not move.

Only be still and wait his pleasure
in cheerful hope with heart content.
He fills your needs to fullest measure
with what discerning love has sent;
doubt not our inmost wants are known
to him who chose us for his own.

Sing, pray, and keep his ways unswerving,
offer your service faithfully,
and trust his word; though undeserving,
you’ll find his promise true to be.
God never will forsake in need
the soul that trusts in him indeed.


5 thoughts on “Hymn Love- If Thou But Suffer God To Guide Thee!

  1. I had to go to youtube to hear this hymn. I was not familiar with it. Thank you for sharing it, I love it. You shared one quite awhile ago, “Jesus, I am Resting, Resting”. I was not familiar with that one either. But, it was so timely for my life at that moment. I talked our Praise leader at church to learn it. And now we sing it at Family Worship Center!!! Thank you for your faithfulness!!!

  2. I can’t remember where I first heard this song…maybe Wheaton? Hear is a version with another verse and slightly different words. Isn’t it wonderful how God uses hymns and scripture or a blog post to encourage us just when we need it?!

  3. Thanks Lisbeth for sharing these words. They fit so well with Brennan Mannings quote atop your blog. They remind us so well that He is trustworthy and as a result we are unforsaken and can be Unashamed (another great praise song).

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