Thursday Morning Humor

I definitely have a unique sense of humor, as does my whole family. We love it when people get the giggle fits, and we’ve been known to get a raging giggle fit or two ourselves. We lose it especially over ridiculous things, or when it’s most inappropriate to laugh (while singing in church or during a serious dinner discussion). I can totally envision me and my family, or me and my friend Abby, getting ourselves into a situation like this. Watch for a quick pick-me-up, and I dare you, try not to laugh…


2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Humor

  1. Oh my goodness – – I laughed to tears by 2:24 and it continued all the way to the end! And I almost choked on my ice cream I was laughing so hard. Oh wow. Deep breath. That was so cathartic. I really needed that. Of course, anything that makes you laugh is 100% guaranteed to make me double-over. Love that. Love you.

  2. Loved that, too! It was so interesting how they thought it would be cut out but that’s what was real life and fun…that they decided to keep it in. They looked so cute when they were laughing, too! Of course I was also struck by Bradley Cooper choosing to do the Elephant Man for his graduate thesis and also his knowledge of the subject historically, but the laughter trumped all!

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