The Bad Stuff

The truth that God uses ALL things for his good purposes (especially the seemingly bad stuff) enchants me. In Paul David Tripp’s mini booklet “Marriage: Whose Dream?” he challenges married couples on their view of blessings/trials, though this goes for all people, as everyone experiences both in the present age:

“[In 1 Peter 1:5-9] Peter’s telling us that “now” is about something much deeper than getting up in the morning with a smile, or romantic weekends, or fulfilling intimacy. Peter is teaching us that God is willing to compromise these seemingly essential aspects of marriage in order to produce something greater, fuller, and deeper in our lives: genuine faith…In the midst of trial, he is giving us the goal of our faith: the salvation of our souls. And what we need to learn to say in response is not “God, why me?” but “God, thank You. Give me more. I want everything that You know I need. I realize now that the struggle of this moment is not a mistake after all. It’s an act of Your perfect, redemptive love”…The blessings that God gives you in your family, in the husband and wife relationship, in your physical life, are meant to point to a deeper and fuller blessing: the actual presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. He is life abundant–not your husband or wife, your house, or your children. Jesus Christ is ours, and we are his.”


2 thoughts on “The Bad Stuff

  1. Those last two lines really drove it home for me! He is life abundant indeed. And if we think we are finding our most abundant lives in our spouse, house, or children, then we are sorely mistaken; we are barely scratching the surface….

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