Final PAPERS Due Tomorrow

When people ask me how the end of the semester is going

Working on two big papers due tomorrow…it’s rough, ya know?

Needing some paper affirmation right now

Thanks Nacho! But actually what’s been most encouraging is this…

To my fellow students…



4 thoughts on “Final PAPERS Due Tomorrow

  1. Haha…I get a kick out of how you motivate yourself with gifs and of course, Isaiah 46:4! You can do this and you can “learn to be content” in this time of writing papers, finishing, saying goodbye…(preaching to myself, too!!). Love you! xxoo

  2. Oh my gosh. I went from a knowing head nod to muffled guffaws (so as not to wake a sleeping hubby) to a silly grin of recognition to tearful eyes at being hit with Truth to a smile-so-big-it-hurts-my-face. My sister: she knows how to run the gamut of emotions in 5 pictures or less. Way to go!

    You can SO do this!

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