5 thoughts on “The Alarm Clock I Need

  1. Dad and I watched this together! So precious…those tentative pats! I miss it, too, though you were the one that Vashti woke up the most! However, I well remember having Christopher and Coquette in Chicago and West Harrison and they woke me this way! And if I was sad or crying, they always gathered ’round to comfort me. They are God’s gifts to us!

  2. I miss this, toooooooo! I loved all the different methods of waking: the gentle pat, the firm bat, the tentative tickle, the slow press, the bite! Tee hee. And the ones grooming their owner’s hair was my favorite. Do you think you’ll get a cat of your own someday soon? Or just love on Mangey when you visit us? 😉

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