Forgetting Their Wedding Anniversary

How I Felt Earlier This Week When I Bought An Anniversary Card For My Parents (days ahead)

Yesterday, On Their Anniversary, I Went About My Business


This Morning When I Realized I Forgot Their Anniversary

Their Reaction When I Called Them To Apologize

Thanks for your graciousness, guys! After all that, Happy Anniversary!

Here’s to 34 more years!



8 thoughts on “Forgetting Their Wedding Anniversary

  1. You are too funny! Thanks for sharing your various emotions via GIFs!

    YOU are a gift and we DO love you and are excited that you are continuing to help us celebrate our anniversary beyond the confines of 24 hours! I know there are times when I have forgotten milestones, and so have we all.

    Love Love Love You!!

  2. Oh my stars, I LOVE this! GIFs just capture the complexity (and humor) our human emotions so well, don’t they? And it’s no surprise to me at all how they responded in love. No wonder they’re rocking 34 years of marriage and going so strong!

    P.S. Sadly, I have forgotten their anniversary on multiple occasions! So, you’re not alone!

    1. Wowzer! I love your “Oh my stars” phrase….you just resurrected that phrase for me, and I may have to steal it and give you props!!!! You’re so right…you just can’t beat a good emotional/response gif! And thanks for the being with me in the forgetfulness, sister. I am beyond blessed how the Castellis are so good at showing grace and love (yourself included).

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