I Signed The Pledge Today


Here’s the pledge.

I got “distracted” on the distraction.gov page by watching “the faces” videos, stories of those who were injured or killed by distracted driving. They are sobering, sorrowful, and convicting. And I had to stop after a couple stories because it was too overwhelming. I’ll be the first to say I have NOT been as vigilant on the road as I should be. I’ve tried to justify texting at stoplights, but that is still making your cell phone primary and driving secondary. Even this past weekend, I was the passenger in my friend’s car and I didn’t say anything as she glanced at her phone to read a text while driving. We’re all guilty of it, but as the video says, “Safe driving starts with you.”

“Sending or reading one text is pretty quick, unlike a phone conversation – wouldn’t that be okay?

Texting is the most alarming distraction because it involves manual, visual, and cognitive distraction simultaneously. Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of an entire football field, blindfolded. It’s extraordinarily dangerous.” –www.distraction.gov/content/get-the-facts/faq.html

So in this very moment, I’m going to enact the third point of the pledge: “encourage my friends and family to drive phone-free.” I encourage you to put that phone in the backseat as you drive. And please ask me how I’m doing with it too, to keep me accountable. We need each other, beloveds! And if while you’re driving there’s someone you must absolutely get in contact with (like pronto, stat) I’d urge you to do what I saw one older lady do last week. She pulled over on the side of the road (it caught my attention because it was a random spot where she pulled over) and she picked up her cell phone to talk to someone. In her case, wisdom accompanied her years!


6 thoughts on “I Signed The Pledge Today

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sending out this reminder. We all know this is truth. What really scares me when I am driving is seeing the truck drivers of BIG rigs looking at their phones.

  2. This is SO important. Thanks for reminding your beloveds. I know that even talking with a handless phone is a distraction (cognitively).
    I will sign the pledge with you. Let’s do keep each other accountable.

        1. I just watched it now! Wow! Very powerful and touching. I’ll post that story, too, since it hits close to home–literally and figuratively. I bet she was at Burke Rehab.

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