Lovely by Miner

Song/picture association: This song makes me think of fiery summer nights dancing in barns and tall grass. Billowy skirts. Twilight. Fireflies. Bonfires. Barefeet. Ice cold lemonade. Wide open spaces. Mosquito bites.

My favorite lines:

“i can’t give you what you’re lookin for.

then maybe I’m not making myself clear.
cause I’ve been lookin
for you…

…and if the roof leaks?

we’ll think of something

what if your heart leaves?

you’re coming with me.”

 p.s. I can’t think of whose voice she reminds me of, especially in the first verse (–someone from the 70s– like Carole King or Joni Mitchell). Anyone else hear it???


3 thoughts on “Lovely by Miner

    1. You’re twirling with me just like in our Sandy Patty home video when we were wee ones!!! You’re my favorite dancing/twirling buddy, Laur. YES! I totally thought of “Home” too…because of the fun lil’ dialogue part. Don’t Johnny Cash and June Carter do a similar thing in one of their songs? It delights me to know that you’re listening along to it too, my LOVELY sister!

  1. Fun and summery song! It did remind me of Johnny Cash and June Carter a bit; not sure who else the female vocalist sounds like; will keep on repeat!

    Warms my heart to read the dialogue between you two sisters! The Sandy Patti dance video is a CLASSIC! We need to archive that somewhere so it never gets lost! 🙂

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