Redeemer’s Singles Conference

Redeemer Presbyterian NYC is a rare church in that the majority of their attenders are single, young professionals. They have their entire Singles Conference from last Saturday online here. I’m a bit biased, but Tim and Kathy’s talks were my favorite. It’s reshaped my Theology of Singleness and encouraged me to look forward to the marriage supper of the Lamb (which is what Jesus did while he walked the earth). Thanks to my friend, Kirsten, for originally sending me the link.


12 thoughts on “Redeemer’s Singles Conference

  1. Man, that Redeemer Pres. Such an incredible body of believers with such a gifted preacher in Tim Keller. Mark and I really benefitted from their pre-marital counseling materials, and I am not surprised at all that they have stellar resources for singles. What a blessing that you could attend the conference virtually!

    1. It’s true, Redeemer Pres. is awesome blossom. Which pre-martial materials did you and Mark use? Was it his book “The Meaning of Marriage”? Thankful I could “attend” as well!

      1. Hmmm…I scoured their website just now, and didn’t see it…but it was a substantial packet that you could download for $25 or something like that and it had questions and answers that couples go through when they’re doing premarital counseling. My friend Anna Lee Winans recommended it to us and we worked through most of it and learned a lot. I think a lot of it was inspired by the content in “The Meaning of Marriage.”

  2. I was impressed with how much was covered in the first five minutes! I’ll be listening to this tomorrow while I do some mindless chores. Thanks for sharing!! Is this a link I could post on HPC FB page if I check with Tom?

    1. Have listened to the morning sessions. I liked the last speaker before lunch who spoke about chastity as not about abstaining but a brilliant white light…something positive. Will re-listen to him again. Hope to hear the afternoon sessions and Tim Keller this weekend.

        1. I will! Just haven’t had time yet but SOON! I also think I may post on my own FB page before doing HPC. Will pray about it.

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