Questions For Lent

Here are questions for self-examination. Craig Higgins says Lent can be a time to ask yourself some hard questions about your spiritual life, your spiritual maturity. Honestly, as I looked through these the first time I said to myself, “Yikes, Lisbeth! You’re one hot mess.” However, as we self-examine, let’s not lose our focus on Christ, beloveds. To quote Jack Miller: “All of us are more sinful and helpless than we would’ve ever dared admit, yet in Christ we are more accepted and forgiven that we would’ve ever dared hope.”

  1. Have I been fervent in prayer? Was there warmth? access?
  2. Have I prayed at my stated time? with my family?
  3. Have I practiced God’s presence, at least every hour?
  4. Have I, before every deliberate action or conversation, considered how it might be turned into God’s glory?
  5. Have I sought to center conversations on the other person’s interests and needs and ultimately toward God, or did I turn them toward my own interests?
  6. Have I given thanks to God after every pleasant occurrence or time?
  7. Have I thought or spoken unkindly of anyone?
  8. Have I been careful to avoid proud thoughts or comparing myself to others? Have I done things just for appearance? Have I mused on my own fame or acclaim?
  9. Have I been sensitive, warm, and cheerful toward everyone?
  10. Have I been impure in my thoughts or glances?
  11. Have I confessed sins toward God and others swiftly?
  12. Have I over- or under-eaten, -slept, -worked?
  13. Have I twisted the truth to look good?
  14. Have I been pursuing in my home, or only reacting to situations?


More direct questions from Jack Miller:

  1. Is God working in your life?
  2. Have you been repenting of your sin lately?
  3. Are you building your life on Christ’s free justification or are you insecure and guilt-ridden?
  4. Have you done anything simply because you love Jesus?
  5. Have you stopped anything simply because you love Jesus?

4 thoughts on “Questions For Lent

  1. Wow. Yeah, I’m a hot mess, too! But I was reminded at service tonight that while we are to meditate on our brokenness during this Lenten season, in the same breath, we can give thanks for God’s grace. Which is the joyous end of the story. Which covers the vastness of our sin.

    These will be great questions to use as I walk with God during these 40 days. Thank you for sharing, sis!

  2. Tough questions for sure. This reminds me of John 15:5 where Jesus said “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” – I have to practice that abiding. Maybe Lent is less about giving up something and it is more about taking on something: the presence of the Lord.

  3. Oh, these are already convicting but also inspiring. I liked the practicality and measurability of the question “Have I practiced God’s presence, at least every hour”? Yes, God gives us grace for our constant failings, AND that grace leads us to be more like Him each day! Did you know Craig Higgins is the Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian in Rye? His wife prays with the Moms in Prayer group in that city. Thank you for sharing!

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