Sweet Tears

You’ve probably all seen this viral video, but it’s too good not to share. It’s powerful to see how engaged and moved this baby is by her mother’s song when she’s so little. She’s “weeping with those who weep!”


11 thoughts on “Sweet Tears

  1. Very sweet! Beautiful voice of the momma and I like how she tried to comfort her baby, “It’s just a song…”
    No, I hadn’t seen this. I count on you to share the viral videos worth seeing, so, thank you!!

  2. That is cute. Wish there was a share button on your blogs. I cried too, Apparently it is something I do a lot lately. Xoxo

    1. Hey Lorri! Haven’t been able to find a share button on this interface, but I’m not loving this blog setup right now, so I might change it soon. I’ll be on the lookout for one that has a sharing option. And go on with those tears…we aim for soft hearts!

  3. I felt bad laughing because he was so sad. It was adorable, pitiful and funny at the same time. Thanks for sharing it. Amazing how sensitive a little one can be by the tune and inflection of him mother’s voice!!

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