Want To Know More About Me?

If so, then head on over to my new and improved, revamped, spiffy, detailed, goofy, and looong “About Me” page! I have to thank my sister, Lauren, for being the inspiration. Check out her most helpful post called “How To Revamp Your About Me Page.” Ever since she wrote it almost one year ago exactly, it’s been one of my goals. Better late than nevah. Be prepared for a fire hydrant of ran-doh information about yours truly!

p.s. Also snow day=revamping my blog template! I’m excited about the change and hope you like it, beloveds! And that’s my typewriter up top, welcoming you.

One thought on “Want To Know More About Me?

  1. Eeeeek! So excited to head over to read your revamped “About” page! So glad you found some inspiration in my post on the subject (has it really be a YEAR?! ha ha, might be time for me to revamp mine again, too!). And I’m really diggin’ the revamped blog theme. (Especially the related posts at the bottom. Nifty!)

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