Teach Us

On this snow day, I’ve been struggling with knowing where to start on my long to-do list. It’s mostly filled with good things (order books for the semester, write a letter to a friend, write a blog post 😉 ), although there are some annoying tasks too (who likes doing laundry?).

I want to share an excerpt from Tim Challies’ blog post today. It seems as if it were written just for me on this snow day with ample unstructured, though still, finite time. I am actually encouraged by the reminder that regrets are inevitable–a “yes” to something is always a “no” to something else, but we’re not left alone in our decision-making. We are given sufficient grace for the tasks set before us. You should check out the entire post, for it’ll be well worth your time:

“I have found freedom in this: Freedom to know that even though this life isn’t the way things were meant to be, it is the way things will inevitably be. I am to faithfully steward my time, to glorify God in the days he gives me. But all the while I have to keep in mind that I am finite and time is short and there must be difficult decisions and inevitable regrets. God has given me all the time I need to do what he has called me to.”

This makes me want to join Moses in his prayer: “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” -Ps. 90:12


3 thoughts on “Teach Us

  1. You have a new blog template? Love the typewriter keys!! Miss the snow falling though. Oh wait, we have real snow falling outside! Lol

    This is a great post and I did go and read the original. This struggle with time and choosing what to do is going to all be remedied in heaven! YAY! Thanks for sharing…I know I will leave a million things unfinished but I do want to be intentional with how I use time and to “number my days” with God’s help and support. That verse (Psalm 90:12) is what we prayed for our children in Moms in Prayer just a few weeks ago! Great verse!

    1. Yes I got a new blog template!! Thanks for noticing! 🙂 Even though I’m totally done with real snow, I too, miss the snow falling on my blog. Sadly, I don’t have control over that feature, otherwise I’d probably have it on all the time.

      I like him admitting that we will have inevitable regrets, because sometimes I get so worked up about wanting to use my time well, expecting perfection in my time management, and then when it doesn’t happen, it’s complete despair! It helps me to acknowledge that reality is we won’t always make the right decision in our humanness. And thankfully we have a very-present Helper, helping us all the time.

      Thanks for praying that prayer for me. I’m loving Psalm 90 and 91 lately!

  2. “God has given me all the time I need to do what he has called me to.” I really needed this tonight! Have an ever-growing to do list and don’t feel like doing ANY of it! But remembering that time is a gift from God and that He has called me to use that time for Him makes me want to be a better steward of it…and to give my list to him…to ask Him what He would have me prioritize. Thanks for helping to reframe my thoughts tonight, sister.

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