Shirley Temps

I’m remembering Shirley tonight and grateful for her life. It’s amazing how well she did despite such fame at an early age! I’ve enjoyed many a non-alcoholic “Shirley Temple”drink at the Chinese restaurant our family used to frequent. And growing up, my parents showed Lauren and I countless Shirley Temple movies (recorded off the TV onto tapes). For that I am grateful! Here are two clips that immediately transport me back to my childhood:

From “The Littlest Rebel”

From “Young People”- Shirley sings her song (love the speak-singing parts) by minute 2


8 thoughts on “Shirley Temps

  1. Thank you for this tribute and finding those clips. She was definitely one of a kind. In the Littlest Rebel she was paired with a unique partner–he was perfect for that dance with her! The scene from Young People deals with two difficult situations: Shirley finding out she’s adopted and the storm where a young life is at stake. Shirley is portrayed as so even-keeled and quite the grown-up in the story.

    At least Shirley Temple Black left us a legacy of her childhood films, service to her country as an Ambassador, and making breast cancer acceptable for women to talk about and do something about. She was always very positive in spite of an extremely unusual childhood.

    Remember when your dance teacher (ironically called Miss Shirley) had you dance to Baby, Take a Bow?

    My parents gave me a Shirley Temple doll when I was little and I loved that doll. Mor Mor even made several outfits for her. I think I passed her on to you when you were 7 or so. She deserves to be brought down from the attic and dusted off, at least for a while.
    May the Lord have mercy on Shirley Temple Black’s soul. I hope she’s dancing in heaven!!

    1. Wow! Lauren is right. What a TRIBUTE you wrote for Shirley. THAT should’ve been the blog post!!
      Now that you mention it, I remember that Shirley Temple doll…I loved it so much too! Maybe we could go and find her during my upcoming visit. And that is ironic that Miss Shirley had us do Baby, Take a Bow! I remember that was a show-stopping number.

      When I was little I don’t think I fully grasped the “adoption” moment in Young People, but Shirley’s response is so grown up/mature…perhaps a bit unrealistic, but it’s sweet to see her assuring her adoptive parents that she wouldn’t want anyone else!

      Thanks for your tribute, Marms. I hope Shirley’s tapping in heaven too!

  2. Got teary reading Mom’s comment! Yes, Lord have mercy.

    What a talent she was – – most kids can hardly walk straight at that age let alone tap up and down steps! Love the clips you pulled, Lisbeth! All the childhood memories come flooding back. And I’m reminded of one of my favorites of her numbers: “We’re not little babies anymore!” Ha ha. Might need to go on a Shirley Temple YouTube spree in her honor tonight. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was so impressed at her being so little and doing so much physically, as well as her amazing sense of musical timing/rhythm. Yes, such talent! And I love ‘We’re not little babies Anymore.’ Shirley was leading them young people alright! Glad you liked the clips, sis. Almost pulled another one from ‘The Little Princess!’ There’s the full movie on youtube that you should take a peek at…I guarantee more memories will come flooding back!

  3. My childhood obsession! I watched her movies over and over and over again. The Littlest Rebel was one of my favorites! So many wonderful memories:)

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