Cuddly Lions to Make the Winterz Better

My county has officially issued a “DISASTER DECLARATION.” It’s a disaster here in Glenside, PA. Snowpocalypse, winterzilla, snowmageddon, polar vortexathon–call it what you will. Trees are down, roads are blocked, and most homes are out of power. Fortunately my power is back on, but earlier this week when I was power-less, I drove (slowly and carefully) to a nearby Starbucks on a quest for coffee and wifi. I pulled into the small parking lot where cars seemed to be entering in and out. I’m kicking myself for not snapping a pic of what I saw next. I drove by the front door, peering in for signs of life, when my eye caught a piece of paper taped to the front door. In large black lettering it just said one word: “nope.” Though I was disappointed for the lack of java in my life, I couldn’t help but appreciate the humor.

Glenside is on the mend, and I hear that most places should be up and running again by Sunday at the latest. Meanwhile, we’re due another storm this weekend. And to that I say:

“Weather” by anonymous

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

By God’s sweet grace, indeed, we’ll weather the weather.

Also, here’s a cute cuddly lion video to make the winterz better. I think this would be both the best and scariest greeting ever.


6 thoughts on “Cuddly Lions to Make the Winterz Better

  1. That Starbucks story is too funny. You painted a picture of the visual quite well even without a photo. Wow, I can’t believe how dire things have gotten up north; what a winter this is for you all! Glad to hear that you have power now and that most places are on the mend. And you’re attitude about the incoming storm this weekend is admirable. Weather that weather!

  2. Haha…loved the story about the Starbucks sign, too! NOPE! Got to remember that for some future usage!
    Perfect poem and will just have to share this post on FB!!
    I think that Lion video should have a caption that says: Do not try this at home! That guy is taking his life in his hands!!
    Those lions must have been well-fed! Thanks for the pick-me-up as we head into more winter!!

  3. Ha! Loved that story! Someone had a good sense of humor. Also loved the lion video! Absolutely amazing! Thankful you have power again:)

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