Saints and Sinners Are We

On Sanctification

…”unless he gives me fresh grace every minute of every day, sin is still what I do best.

How does that truth glorify God and benefit me? If I think I am cooperating with him in this joint pursuit of holiness, how can I not take some of the credit for my progress? Yet if I recognize that I am a saint one minute and a wretched sinner the next, I can see more clearly that all of my obedience comes from him and that without him I can quite literally do nothing. The Holy Spirit is not a switch you can turn on or off; he is not a tool you can choose to apply or ignore; he is not a copilot sitting beside you, ready to help if you really need him. He is the holy, powerful, active Spirit of the Living God, and he will always have his way with you. He is always at work in you, and sometimes he turns you over to yourself to discover how weak, helpless, and sinful you still are in yourself. Either way, he is always actively at work in you for God’s glory and your own good, and that of his body, the church. Now if that isn’t a fresh and glorious reason to fall down and worship him once again I don’t know what is!”

Extravagant Grace: God’s Glory Displayed in Our Weakness by Barbara R. Duguid


4 thoughts on “Saints and Sinners Are We

  1. “…he will always have his way with you.” Amen, Duguid!

    And I feel too well that flip-flop between sinner and saint and back to sinner again. But knowing that is just part of the process of sanctification and that it’s not on me to seek out the Holy Spirit in order for Him to be at work, well, it’s a sigh of relief. And a deep comfort. We’re not as in control as we think we are.

  2. He will always have his way with you is what struck me as well..before I saw Lauren’s comment, too! I love that His righteousness sanctifying me is much stronger than my bent for sinning! Praise God!

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