Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

When I heard this song on the radio yesterday, Mia’s amazing choreography immediately danced in my head. Possibly my favorite SYTYCD group number ever.


7 thoughts on “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

  1. Whoa. Chills. I had no idea the performances on SYTCD were so theatrical? Seriously, this is like something off of Broadway! Loved all the moments frozen in Silhouette, too. Truly stellar performance! Thanks for sharing. Might need to add this to a Friday Five….

    1. !!YES!! Not all are theatrical, but I think the best ones are. I usually enjoy the ones where they have to play a character. And not all of their performances are great, but every so often you get a real gem like this one. I love that you noticed the lighting, Laur! That’s the sign of a great director, noticing things like that. I went back to watch for those silhouette moments and it’s true! The silhouette moments are a really cool effect (you are a fan of SILHOUETTES after all) 🙂 Do add it to a Friday Five…I just love this one so much and it MUST be shared.

  2. Thanks for letting us in on this amazing artistic work. It needs to be seen every night, not just on one! The work that went into it. I have to say that I wondered on the limits of cartilage and ligaments as I watched. Must be my age! I might just watch it again.
    Your Dad

    1. True Dad! For all that hard work, it’s sad they perform it once. They end up redoing the routines on a SYTYCD tour, but Allison was filling in for Lauren, the girl who was supposed to do the dance but got injured, on the night of the show. And in my opinion, Allison embodies the character and dances this better (I’ve seen clips of Lauren doing it on the tour). It’s sad to me that Allison only got to do it once, but glad we have the performance captured on youtube! And yes…I too marvel at how they make it look so easy. It’s fun to share things like this with you, Popsie. Love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing this!! I enjoyed it but for some reason I kept wanting her to get off of the table and dance on the ground…what does that say about my psychological make-up?!

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