The Month That Goes By Too Quickly


8 thoughts on “The Month That Goes By Too Quickly

  1. You have a gift of creating a collection of pictures that inspire, calm, warm the heart, make me say “aww…”, and take my breath away!
    Thank you for compiling each one of these!! A treasure!

  2. You’ve done it again! What a wonderful break to look through your chosen images. My top 3:
    Laughed out loud at Name the quadrilateral.
    More precious than Gollum: the little boy helping the little girl across the opening.
    The starry night — reminded me of Midnight Clear, our co-created Christmas CD. Christmas is comin’!


    1. I love hearing your personal connections to the pictures Dad! Especially remembering the Christmas cd, Starry Night. When are we doin’ a Christmas Album Part Deux? Maybe we could start on Thanksgiving break??! 😀

  3. You find the absolute BEST images ever. Someday, I’ll have to have you show me your secret sources…perhaps if I’m so lucky. It’s such a sensory experience sifting through these October images…and that last one with the kitty just makes me chuckle. It reminds me of Mangey with the tongue sticking out! And I’m going to play that YouTube video on repeat so I can have Barbara and Judy serenade me while I respond to blog comments. Thanks for the soundtrack, sis!

    1. Thanks Laur! Haha, will definitely share with YOU my secret sources! They’re not so glamorous…just a handful of tumblr blogs I like, and you’ve really got to sift through for the good stuff. Kinda like shopping at a thrift store. It takes some time, but it’s totally worth it. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the kitty and Babs/Judy duet. Both never get old.

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