You Welcome All Who Come to You, though You Never Lost Them

Be blessed beloveds, in thinking on Him. There’s not much better we could meditate on.

“What, then, is the God I worship?…You, my God, are supreme, utmost in goodness, mightiest and all-powerful, most merciful and most just. You are the most hidden from us and yet the most present among us, the most beautiful and yet the most strong, ever enduring and yet we cannot comprehend you. You are unchangeable and yet you change all things. You are never new, never old, and yet all things have new life from you. You are the unseen power that brings decline upon the proud. You are ever active, yet always at rest. You gather all things to yourself, though you suffer no need. You support, you fill, and you protect all things. You create them, nourish them, and bring them to perfection. You seek to make them your own, though you lack for nothing. You love your creatures, but with a gentle love. You treasure them, but without apprehension. You grieve for wrong, but suffer no pain. You can be angry and yet serene. Your works are varied, but your purpose is one and the same. You welcome all who come to you, though you never lost them. You are never in need yet are glad to gain, never covetous yet you exact a return for your gifts. We give abundantly to you so that we may deserve a reward; yet which of us has anything that does not come from you? You repay us what we deserve, and yet you owe nothing to any. You release us from our debts, but you lose nothing thereby. You are my God, my Life, my holy Delight, but is this enough to say of you? Can any man say enough when he speaks of you? Yet woe betide those who are silent about you! For even those who are most gifted with speech cannot find words to describe you” (23). – Augustine’s Confessions


6 thoughts on “You Welcome All Who Come to You, though You Never Lost Them

  1. POW. ER. FUL.

    Ah, the complexity of our heavenly Father. He will not be contained in any box we put Him in. When I need to be reminded of his majesty, I’ll read these anointed words by Augustine. Thanks for blessing me with them tonight.

    1. You’re so welcome sweet sis. It was a blessing for me to re-read this again, myself. This time, the last few lines stood out to me more…our words of God will always fall short, but woe to any who keeps silent about him! This encourages me to keep writing, speaking up, and telling others about our glorious God.

  2. Augustine is one of those saints who I look forward to meeting in heaven IF that is something we will want to do once we are in the presence of our Creator-Redeemer!!
    Augustine is certainly one you wouldn’t think would come to love God, yet he had a praying mother–Monica! Bless her soul! She is a great role model for never giving up praying for prodigals!
    This is a deep picture of the God who had changed Augustine and “made all things new” for him. I must read his confessions again. xxoo

    1. Oh yes, I had forgotten about his faithful praying mother, Monica! Susanna Wesley is also a testament to praying mothers. Thank you for following in their saintly footsteps and praying for me and Lauren all our lives!

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