Warning- there are some graphic images/language in this documentary. Yet I think it’s such an important one to see. When you have some time (approx. 30 minutes), and maybe someone to process it with afterwards, give it a watch.

6 thoughts on “180

  1. An effective and powerful witness for Christ and the good news of forgiveness and salvation.

  2. Amazing! It shocks me how so many people ‘think’ they know what they believe but when they stop and really ponder the issues, they second guess themselves!

  3. I was a bit disturbed at how many young people did not know who Adolf Hitler was. The Diary of Anne Frank should be required reading for all middle school students! And I find it hard to believe that they did not cover it in Social Studies class…but unfortunately, “covering” it doesn’t really do it. In order to really internalize these things, we need to engage in thoughtful dialogue, ask questions, hear stories. I’m afraid that with our test-driven culture, we’re losing time for those most important aspects of education.

    But I was encouraged to see so many of the interviewees (even Stephen!) really processing what he had to say about the saving grace of the cross. Ones who had previously been cavalier or even hateful in tone suddenly became vulnerable, like children…and I think we got to see a glimpse of what God sees…lost lambs for whom the Shepherd is on a rescue mission. Thank you for sharing this, Lisbeth. So much food for thought!

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment sis! It truly is quite disturbing that some people don’t know who Hitler is. And I love how you articulated the change in many people as they took time to consider the truth and what they believe…they did become more vulnerable and raw. Mmm, “lost lambs for whom the Shepherd is on a rescue mission.” Can’t say it any better. Such a beautiful reflection for me, a lost lamb, especially during Holy Week!

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