We Are Made in His Image and Likeness

Thanks to mghbeholds for sharing this!


11 thoughts on “We Are Made in His Image and Likeness

  1. This resonates deeply with me – I’m sad each time I see young girls in swim wear that their parents have happily provided which will have so much to say about who they become as young women. I’m grateful for the women who work to provide alternatives and educate.

    1. Me too, Nancy! I’m so thankful for designers like Jessica Rey who provide more swimsuit options than the bikini. Though I’m glad I don’t need to buy a “bath machine” (talk about expensive), we’ve gone to the extreme with the itsy bitsy.

  2. I don’t think I’ve heard of Jessica Rey before, but after hearing her speech and visiting her website, I’m a huge fan of what she stands for and what she designs. Might even consider investing in one of her suits…they’re not too outrageous in price, either. Thanks for sharing this powerful talk, Lisbeth…off to “tweet” about it. 😉

      1. I went for it and bought a suit–the Caroline (had to pick that one)…it won’t come until September, but worth waiting for!

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