Disco, Meet the Disco, He’s a Yabadabadoo Bird

So parakeets are the thing right now in our house. But the disagreement currently comes down to is this video real or fake? I SO want it to be real!! I believe in Disco’s voice! Some of my favorite phrases of his are: “Never shake a baby bird.” “Shattered shattered.” “What did Mamma say?” Watch the whole thing because it just keeps getting better.

4 thoughts on “Disco, Meet the Disco, He’s a Yabadabadoo Bird

  1. Woah. This is crazy cool. And I believe it’s real! What makes people think it isn’t? My favorite was also, “What did Momma say?” purely for his very human-like inflection. How is your parakeet faring? Has he said anything yet?

    1. Our parakeet(s!) our definitely faring just fine. Alicia now has 4 count ’em FOUR, in her possession. They are all happy, surrounded by friends. But we don’t have the kind of time required to train ’em how to talk. Maybe one day though…we’ll have a yabadoo time, we’ll have a gay ol’ time!

  2. Loved this! I have a parakeet, he was my mom’s. We bought him for her – just to keep her company… and he did! He doesn’t speak though. He is at least 5 years old and still going strong. Enjoy your little pet!

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