Your Rest is Found In God

Thanks to my brother, Mark, who shared this sermon with me. It has revolutionized my view of Sabbath. You may ask, how do we actually do Sabbath in 2013? Here are creative suggestions on all you CAN and SHOULD do during your Sabbath rest (including eating a ton!) Now I’m implementing a celebratory Sabbath weekly, and finding that I’m “getting my soul back.”


8 thoughts on “Your Rest is Found In God

  1. I like the box by the door to place your phone, laptop, remotes, etc. before Sabbath starts. I like that the vast majority of Jesus’ healings were on the Sabbath….a day for healing. I like that it’s a day that is blessed and holy…to do whatever is life-giving…to celebrate what you have! Did he mention Mark Buchanan’s The Rest of God: Restoring your soul by restoring Sabbath?…that’s the book I had last summer and you “borrowed”.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Very powerful and challenging. Please pray with me that God will show me the best day to celebrate Sabbath…Sunday morning is currently not restful though I enjoy it.

    1. It is something to be prayerful about and it’s been a struggle for me. I’ve been able to stop buying/selling on my Sabbath, but it’s been difficult to stay away from the phone/laptop. I want to continue to try though! Let’s encourage one another!

  2. Thanks Lisbeth for posting – this is such an important message! We are learning and so much healthier than we used to be. I am sad that we had to move in order to make it possible and grateful that God showed us a way. I shared this in hopes that others will take the time and challenge themselves.

    1. It’s encouraging to hear how you and Scott have grown in your Sabbath-keeping and dependence on the Lord. Though we in OG were sad to lose you, I’m so glad where he’s taken y’all! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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