Patty Cake Cats

Definitely thought of this video several times this week in really serious settings and had to stifle my grin. It’s when they really get going and find that patty cake rhythm that gets to me. Shout out to Lauren for the share!

*Addendum=this is another rival video fighting to be number one. I have to say, this French version is comically spot on. I think these guys did good character development (one giddy high-voiced cat, the other cynical and low-voiced), as well as great comedic moments (“Poom!”). But Patty Cake is the original, so they even out.


6 thoughts on “Patty Cake Cats

  1. I can’t get enough! So, of course, my sister would love it just as much. I agree that by the time they get into the rhythm of patty-cake, that’s the best part. It almost seems unreal. What talented cats! And the dialogue is so right on….

    I look forward to having a chuckle about it in the middle of a quiet moment in church this weekend. It’ll make me think of my dear sister…probably doing the same…miles away. 😉

    1. Haha…yes, if I recall correctly. Vashti would be laying down and Whisper would be standing as they “batted” back and forth. Definitely not as elegant as these two, but they definitely had the same motivation! 🙂

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