Commercial Appreciation

This short story combined with this music?? Recipe for tears.

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4 thoughts on “Commercial Appreciation

  1. Um…so, every single time I see this commercial, I have tears streaming down my face by the end. Mark can attest. I can longer watch it because it turns me into a bumbling, crying fool. What is it that strikes so deeply to the core? The ache in our hearts when we say goodbye to someone we love, and think we’ve lost them forever…and then, they come running back to us? Or perhaps we are the horse, running back to our caretaker, God! I dunno, either way, it’s so powerful.

    1. Ooh! I love those interpretations! Yes, thinking about it, there are so many different parts to it…I think it’s the “remembering” part that strikes me so deeply. We have this deep fear that we will be forgotten. But we are not forgotten. Like you said, our Caretaker remembers us and pursues us. He comes and looks for us, even if we’ve been gone for years. Gah!

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