Kid History

If you haven’t seen Kid History yet, you’re in for a laughin’ treat! They are created and performed by brothers, plus a few of their friends. These are my favorites. The second one is a bit longer, but totally worth your time (well, your free time. If you have work to do, go do that first and then come back later and watch it)!


6 thoughts on “Kid History

  1. Oh my goodness. So many literal lols. I love the repetition of “I’m sewious” in the first one. And the sing-songy healthy Mom in the second one. You wonder if this is a made up story or based on truth…I’m guessing that “kid history” implies that it’s their version of history. Thanks for sharing these! Hadn’t seen ’em.

    1. YES! I knew you’d like the sing-songy healthy Mom. “I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down or KIRATION…!” I think that they are stories from the brothers’ childhoods. The stories have been passed onto the grandchildren who now tell their own elaborated versions. It’s too good!

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