Newtown Hope

Our hearts were broken 2 weeks ago with the Newtown tragedy, and the mending seems impossible. My family lit a candle on Christmas Eve at the end of our driveway with countless others to stand alongside the mourning families, and as a proclamation that they were our children too. When talking with others about that awful day, I sense a commiseration in that we all want answers. We find we’re eager for specifics on the events of the day itself, the personal history of the shooter, and any new scraps of detail we have to share carries such importance. Humans are meaning-makers, and we’re desperate for some meaning. I want to share with you 2 articles which have been most encouraging to me–Max Lucado wrote “A Christmas Prayer,” and John Piper wrote “How Does Jesus Come to Newtown?”. They will drop a little hope down into your soul. Peace be with you, beloveds, and Lord, bring your comfort down to Newtown.


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