My Besetting Sin: “Make Much of Me!”

I can’t describe the practical outpouring of LOVE better than this.

“Do you feel more loved when God makes much of you or do you feel more loved when God, at the cost of His Son, enables you to enjoy making much of Him forever? . . . Love is doing whatever you have to do at whatever cost to yourself in order to help another person stop finding pleasure in being made much of and help them get to the mature, God-exalting, Christ-besotted, joyfully self-sacrificing, self-forgetting delight in making much of God for the sake of others.”

-Piper and Delk, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling


6 thoughts on “My Besetting Sin: “Make Much of Me!”

  1. Piper does it again. Nails my ego to the wall reminding me that God is most glorified when I lose myself in Him, giving Him a channel to touch and bless others. We so enjoy every drop of ink!

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