May Your Days Be Merry And Bright

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by! Please pray for me as I study for my final exams. One is next Monday and the other is next Thursday. Thanks all, and to all a goodnight.


18 thoughts on “May Your Days Be Merry And Bright

  1. You’ve got our prayers! And thanks for this wonderful trail of pictures…so cozy, intriguing, full of wonder. Is the second one of L’Abri or somewhere like that? The little cat is so precious!! A little taste of heaven with it’s mystery, humor, wonderment, and love!

  2. Wow, you have a treasure trove of images here. The cat peaking through the cushions delights me every time I see it. The little boy looking at the time couldn’t be more apt for the season. The acquaintance card is a precious relic. And the green candle burning in the woods is a gorgeous image. Lol at baby dinosaur sounds (Justine would appreciate that!). I want those red boots! Meryl Streep is still as beautiful today (if not more) than she was then. What a woman! I want to make clothespins like those. Lucy at the lampost gives me chills. You ROCK at collages, girl.

    1. I love your very specific comments on those photos. It delights me to know what specifically delights YOU, Lauren! Haha, does Justine make dinosaur noises when she wakes up? 🙂 And yes, the Meryl Streep one is so striking…I do think she is even more beautiful now. A belated thanks for your comments!

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