Country and….Lisbeth? What?

Brace yourselves, this is really weird. Ever since I can remember I’ve had a distaste for country music. The only song I could swallow was “Sweet Home Alabama” and maybe a small dose of Taylor Swift (who doesn’t love to belt to “Romeo and Juliet”?). But this week, I happed upon the Country Radio Station, and for no explainable reason, I left it on. And one song led to one more, and one more, and you get the picture. I’m not saying I love Country Music, but I’m starting to warm up to it. Especially ones that have a little pop/rock added in. I’ve been introduced to Hunter Hayes whose sound I like. He faintly reminds me of John Mayer and Jason Mraz. This song is my song of the week. Enjoy friends!


5 thoughts on “Country and….Lisbeth? What?

  1. There is definitely a time and place for country music! My first time and place was 1978 driving from Winnipeg to Toronto! And I guess, anytime I’m on the open road, there’s just something that makes me smile when I hear country music…Good to hear you have an open mind about it now!

  2. Girl, that is too funny! I recently started listening to Hunter Hayes too. And like you, I can only take country music in small doses (T. Swift included:)

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