5 thoughts on “Octubre

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Those pumpkin pies with the pastry leaves bring back great memories! Time to make one of those pies again! Would love to talk to you about each one of these photos…the leaf in the hot chocolate…the amazing fireworks (like a painting), the sink, the quotes, the puddle on a country lane, Minnie and Mickey…I’m SMILING!!

  2. You almost make me want to love Autumn. I just miss summer so much. Autumn has such a different feel to it, it takes me until Christmas to come to terms with the leaves gone and everything turning all shades of brown….
    I know, “to all things there is a season”!!!

    1. Yes! Glad I’ve almost convinced you, Judy. 🙂 God’s creation is amazing, even in a broken world his glory shines through. I was on a mountain this weekend with all the colorful trees and their leaves…it seemed as if the trees were God’s canvas and boy did he not hold back on color!

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