Oh Elizabeth Prentiss…

Don’t judge this book by its cover

…such wisdom you share in your book Stepping Heavenward. Props to my friend, Jenna, who first introduced this treasured writer to me!


“I wish I could make you see that God is just as willing, and just as able to sanctify, as He is to redeem us. It would save you so much weary, disappointing work. but God has opened my eyes at last” (11).


I read this bit last night and have thought about it several times today, hence, making it blog-worthy.


4 thoughts on “Oh Elizabeth Prentiss…

  1. Oh, yes! Another great book I want to re-read…but even better to know that God is willing and able to sanctify if we let Him do His work!

  2. “I mean that I want to be very, very good. I should like next best to be learned and accomplished. Then I should want to be perfectly well and perfectly happy. And a pleasant home, of course, I must have with friends to love me and like me, too. And I can’t get along without some pretty tasteful things about me. But you are laughing at me! Have I said anything foolish?” (p 66) Sweet Katy. Thanks for making me remember!

    1. Haha, thank you Mrs. B for sharing! Yes, as with this quote, there are so many things Katy says that I (sadly) have said as well. But the Lord is gracious and is faithful to sanctify us! Thanks for reading/commenting Mrs. B! 🙂 xo

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