15 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Ok, Lisbeth, I just gotta know. Do you go out and find these amazing bits of flotsam and joysome, or do you find them prepackaged that way. (I know that’s kinda like asking a magician how the lady disappeared, but….I just gotta know!).
    Your inquisitive Dad.

    PS Loved F. Scott’s advice to his daughter.

    1. Dad, I go out and find the “flotsam and joysome” myself (love that!). I have a few inspirational blogs bookmarked and every so often I go through them and find things that I love. And I too like F. Scott’s letter…you’ve written some special letters to me like that during big transitions in my life and I’ve saved and treasured them so!

  2. I agree with Mom – – I have returned to this image reel a few times in the last week, and it never fails to surprise me with something new.

    I’ve never seen a bunny like that! So cute!

    Love the pic of Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews – – likely a behind-the-scenes shot? It’s refreshing to see famous actors in playful, human moments.

    And as others have remarked, the F. Scott Fitzgerald letter is simply darling. I especially resonated with the worry about insects! I needed to hear that.

    Ah…Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis! Love the desaturated look in that image. Such a pretty and iconic dress!

    “He is jealous for me….” One of the greatest worship songs of all time.

    Loved the contrast of bright green grass and fallen leaves; both are a part of fall, aren’t they?

    I can see a heart shape around the couple in an embrace. Beautiful image and autumnal colors.

    Oh, Shirley. Those cheeks! Those curls! Though seeing a picture of her so young is also bit sad to me – – knowing she may have been robbed of a childhood.

    That video with those twins! Oh my. My favorite part is the moment the music starts and they look at each other with wide eyed glee. It’s such a dear moment of sisterhood…and at such a young age!

    I could have remarked on every single one, but these were some of my faves. You’ve got a great eye.

    1. I loved getting to hear your thoughts on some of these pics sistah! I’m glad you enjoy ’em. It’s fun for me…hunting down images I like and sharing them with y’all. I too love the moment in the vids when the sisters look at each other; it’s such a human moment (not that babies aren’t human, it’s just they’re mannerisms aren’t so adult-like yet). 🙂

      And speaking of insects…any roaches hanging out in your abode lately, or did they get the picture?

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