To be like Janet…

I reread this quote from a beloved George MacDonald book. At first I thought, “oh how I want to be like Janet,” and then I was convicted. In reality, would I really enjoy her life (as an isolated woman up on a mountain)? I’m slowly starting to see that she truly is better off up there than most of the rest of us.

“Not for years and years had Janet been to church. She had long been unable to walk so far; and having no book but the best, and no help to understand it but the highest, her faith was simple, strong, real, all-pervading. Day by day she pored over the great gospel until she had grown to be one of the noble ladies of the kingdom of heaven—one of those who inherit the earth and are ripening to see God. For the Master, and His mind in hers, was her teacher. She had little or no theology save what He taught her. To Janet, Jesus Christ was no object of so-called theological speculation, but a living Man who somehow or other heard her when she called to Him, and sent her the help she needed.”

-George MacDonald from The Baronet’s Song


2 thoughts on “To be like Janet…

  1. Oh, thank you for reminding me of George MacDonald and The Baronet’s Song. It may just be coming soon that I need to re-read all of his novels.

    Didn’t he have a strong influence on CS Lewis becoming a Christian?

  2. You’re the one who introduced by to George and The Baronet’s Song! So thank YOU, Marms! Yes, there are some authors that are definitely re-readers. Tolkien and MacDonald are some key ones.

    I found this on Lewis’ relationship to MacDonald. You must read it. Here’s a good quote from Lewis: “I have never concealed the fact that I regarded him [George MacDonald] as my master; indeed I fancy I have never written a book in which I did not quote from him.”

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