Last Few Weeks of School

Could this characterize how I feel going into these last few weeks of school? Possibly. More truthfully, it’s just a hilarious picture. Hoping that in these “cat kickin” moments, I will depend fully on my God. And in every life moment, for that matter.


3 thoughts on “Last Few Weeks of School

  1. Dad tried to leave a post but had trouble, so this is his reaction: “Go kick a goal, Lisbeth, without touching a whisker of that little cat!”

  2. My comment: Are you identifying with the kicker, the ball, or the hilarious cat? How did it go at the writing center today?

  3. haha…thanks guys! Well, I think it’s funny to imagine myself as the cat. But I don’t really feel like that as much this semester. I am growing in trusting the Lord to give me my daily bread/enough grace for today. Writing center was helpful…the papers are coming along!

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