Losing My Other Homes

For Jack Miller, an “important theme in his thinking about suffering was how temporary the world is. The legacy of Jack’s losses early in life and his many life-threatening illnesses was what he called “a dark heritage of fears.” Especially after recovering from cancer, Jack was full of fear. The way that God helped him, he said in a letter to a man who had AIDS, was through meditating on Psalm 84 and the truth that we are on a pilgrimage, finding our home now in God, and headed to our heavenly home to be with Him forever.

He wrote in this letter, “God is my home. What does that mean?…It means that as I lose my other ‘homes’ in this world I find that God is there to receive me. But I would add, God is there as I want Him for myself as my God…Bring together my yearning heart and a God who alone can satisfy that heart. That is true home comfort for the life”” (274).

The Heart of a Servant Leader, Jack Miller


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