I am guilty of fretting over uncompleted tasks still looming on my to-do list. But I am not loved because of my ability to complete my to-do list, fortunately. It is because of my union with Christ. Jack Miller says it so well in his book,”The Heart of a Servant Leader”:

“…I am thinking of an absolute trust in the Father’s will, a childlike devotion to Jesus in love, and a humility which puts others first. Such simplicity of devotion enables us to see our work with clear vision and to plan and act with sanity. It also enables us to bear with the routine of daily work, with the knowledge that many of our tasks are left half done and even those that are completed are highly imperfect. For prayer teaches us that we are sons of God with a Father who loves us not because we are perfect, but because we are in union with Christ. It opens our eyes to see that God is not a harsh Judge, but a loving Parent who is delighted even by our imperfect efforts to obey Him” (49).

I am so encouraged by this.

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