Some Favorite Christmas Mem’ries

Past Christmas Memories:

-Going to see “You’ve Got Mail” in theaters on Christmas day with the fam. It was so exciting to go to a movie on Christmas!

-Burning my fingers while making Krumkake cookies and tears eventually ensuing.

-Cutting down Christmas trees…that pine smell, and rewarded afterwards with hot chocolate round a bonfire.

-The Lord of the Rings two towers of books present that Dad gave me….epic….that gift will go down in history.

-Finding gifts in the Christmas tree branches…Dad’s sneaky.

-Watching Little Women with my own Marmee.

-The excitement of the Christmas Eve candlelight service. Sometimes singing, playing violin.

-Timed family photo on the piano bench.

-Keep the cat away from the tree. And the poinsettias.

-Being Mary in the pageant. Kyle was my Joseph!

-The little table tree made out of green glass with lights that fascinated me as a child. Also, the santa face that would sing once you turned his red nose.

-Writing amazing letters to Santa with Lauren…leaving milk and the best cookies out for him.

-Late night on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts…a house full of procrastinators.

-Swedish pancakes and cardamom bread.

-Watering the tree was my job!

-Skiing sometimes. Snow sometimes.

-Visiting Uncle Roy and Aunt Barb and the cousins upstate. I miss them!

-Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith Christmas cd’s playing nonstop.

-Celebrating the entrance of the 2nd Person of the Trinity into the world as a baby.


7 thoughts on “Some Favorite Christmas Mem’ries

  1. What a wonderful bucket of memories. You must keep this one for the record. It brought back some warm feelings of family fun and “good times” in the season of the Lord.

  2. This entry warmed m’heart. And inspired me! A few from my list:

    -Being little and waking up early to open my stocking with Lisbeth. Then, waking up Mom and Dad, so we could eat breakfast and open presents under the tree. Then, hitting adolescence and being woken up by Mom and Dad!

    -Taking every single present out from under the tree and rearranging them. Sometimes in sections for each person. Other times, by size. Other times, by color. The type A in me LOVED organizing those gifts.

    -Creeping down the steps at 100 Inwood Avenue to discover a dollhouse shaped gift. I believe it was covered in a sheet with a bow on top. Every little girl’s dream come true!

    -A crackling fire made by Dad that lasted all day and night.

    -Being the last to leave HPC after the Christmas Eve service, usually with the Unks, and dried wax on our fingertips.

    -Driving around Westchester to look at lights on Christmas Eve. There were always several that invited us out of our cars and into the cold to get a closer look!

    -Looking in anticipation to see if Santa had eaten our treats and written us a letter. He always did, messy fellow though he was – – always leaving crumbs! 🙂

    -Drinking orange juice out of wine glasses on Christmas morn. Love Mom for that!

    -Dad’s creative gift wrapping – – and how he managed to use the organ pipes to help support the towers of books year after year!

    -The sap always managed to get on my gloves after chopping down our tree each year – – no matter how careful I was!

    -The Christmas tree we named Seagull. (Not the animal, the name.)

    -Finding Aunt Edith’s little kisses, magically hidden in “mouths” the tree, even after she passed away.

    -Visits from Ruth Wedekind on Christmas Day. She always had a special card or giftie in her purse for us. Remembering her sneaking onto the front porch for a cigarette.

    -Setting up the nativity as a child. Waiting to drop Jesus into his manger until Christmas morning!

    -Advent calendars. Each day was an event! An advent!

  3. A few more memories that yours have triggered!

    Seeing little girls sneak down the steps at 100 Inwood Ave and get so excited about a pink doll house or a pink tricycle.

    When you girls were REALLY little, you liked the wrapping paper even more than the presents inside.

    Making a Cabbage Patch Doll the year of the CRAZE because we couldn’t afford a store-bought one.

    Going to visit Mor Mor and Pop Pop after Christmas to celebrate with them, and cousins Cris and Amanda, Aunt Becky and Uncle Lee.

    Mor Mor’s homemade gifts such as dress-up wedding dresses for both of you, Honey-Bunny, and illustrated books with you two as the main characters.

    Getting very special gifts from your hearts and hands, such as This is the Place Where (Lauren)…and a rolling portfolio of photo memories (Lisbeth).

    Your gift of a play for Dad and me that you had practiced and performed in the family room.

    Listening to Amy Grant’s Tender Tennessee Christmas.

    The Animal’s Christmas by Amy and Art Garfunkel.

    Dad’s clues hidden throughout the house and going on an adventure to find the hidden gifts.

    Christmas Eve dinner at Fran’s; your gift-exchange with Fern.

    I got home late one night after working the evening shift…everyone was asleep at 100 Inwood, but White Christmas was on TV and I watched it by myself before going to bed–it was the first time I saw it and it since became a beloved family tradition.

    Going to the Chatfield’s for our Swedish meal and always making the same Lutefisk jokes and hearing Uncle Al laugh! And Rolando’s gifts always being especially generous and thoughtful.

    Attending Rye Neck’s winter shows with great singing and skits!

    Of course the Christmas eve services hearing you sing solos or duets, or playing your instruments, or singing in the choir, or shared a story, or ALL of the above! Playing Michael W. Smith’s version of Silent Night…lighting the candles…fellowshipping…driving around to see the lights…wrapping presents until the wee hours…Swedish Cardamom bread…

    The tip of the iceberg of memories!! Thanks for getting us started, Lisbeth!

  4. Woah. I love hearing your Christmas memories, Mama. Especially about the White Christmas evening…a window into a different time of your life as a night nurse. And I almost forgot about the play Lauren and I performed…do we still have that anywhere? Was that the one about “The Castelli Castle”??
    We’ve got to put these memories down in a book someday.

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