Biblical Theology

More amazing lecture notes that I’m really excited about. This time from Dr. Green’s Biblical Theology class:

“We live between the ages.  We live with our foot in 2 camps.  Still sinners, sons and daughters of Adam…but we have in Christ, the man of the Age to Come and we’re united to him and already tasting the firstfruits of the age to come.  We live in the already, not yet.  We already have eternal life.  Are you saved? Already and not yet.  Rescued…not yet rescued from this age, but yet I am rescued because I’m in Christ.  Christ is transforming us…

-Eschatological implications: the breaking in of the Age To Come.  The cosmos changed….it happened in Jesus.  A Whole new world!!! 🙂 Aladdin.

-My story is now, not who I am with all my baggage, but there’s a more fundamental narrative, which is who I am in this man who was raised from the dead all those years ago?  It’s a huge vision of what God is up to.  A glorious picture of Jesus Christ…Christotelic.  The story of Christ, the story of that man, everything that happened to him, the death and his resurrection…the significance of his ministry.  He lived for 33 years and had a significant 3 year ministry.  His story doesn’t end in resurrection.  He’s gone to heaven to sit at God’s right hand….he sits on Adam’s throne…Jesus claims his inheritance.  There’s this man sitting at God’s right hand claiming his inheritance, the whole world.  Jesus is Lord.  The King Jesus will have dominion over the whole world.  We’re ambassadors of Christ.”


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