The Renascence of Christianity in the Southern World

From Living at the Crossroads by Goheen and Bartholomew:

“”For many Christians outside the West, it is not obvious that religion should be an individual or privatized matter; that church and state be separate; that secular values predominate in some spheres of life; or that scriptures be evaluated according to the canons of historical scholarship.” Christians of the southern hemisphere are therefore challenging the rest of us to recover the gospel for what it is: a worldview that embraces all of life. So much of Christianity in the northern hemisphere has capitulated to the privatization of religion that it is hard to imagine what a truly living Christian worldview might involve. What does it mean to follow Christ in art, education, politics, marriage and sexuality, economics, business? Although Christians of the southern hemisphere have yet to develop a full-orbed Christian worldview in theory and practice, it certainly is true that they are, as prophets, calling us to recover the comprehensiveness of the Christian faith and to join them in brining the whole gospel to the whole world” (121).


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