Sacred Harp Choir

I joined the sacred harp choir at my church for the “Lessons and Carols” service tomorrow. (Ooh, just had a memory of when I once went to a Lessons and Carols service at this random church with Abby in NYC…miss you Abs). Anyway, sacred harp singing is quite….unusual. It took me a while to warm up to it. It sounds like people are just belting, and it’s messy, and abrasive. I’ve never sung anything like this before. But to be honest, it’s grown on me. Here are a couple clips about sacred harp singing, if you’re interested. Apparently, it’s getting big again in Philly. Look for a sacred harp choir in a city near you!





3 thoughts on “Sacred Harp Choir

  1. What a wonderful opportunity you have to be part of this. Do you sing in a square formation? Wish I could hear your concert!! Thanks for introducing me to this music
    …it sounds like some mountain dulcimer music I’ve heard in the past.

  2. That’s interesting! I just read up on it on wikipedia. Did you ever get to stand in the center next to whoever was directing? Did you sing with them?

  3. We didn’t do it in a circle/square. But I was in front of the woman directing…the conducting style is different, it’s moving the arm up and down only (not horizontally). It was really fun!

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